What Are We Up To?

Well it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Boy how the winds of change have blown.

Mike peaced out in 2016 to get a masters degree in the UK. While there, he and his wife had a baby. Back home, Steve and his wife also had a baby! Now the gang’s all back together again and there are little kids running around. Totes adorbz.

“But what are the Velvet Echo guys up to now?” you ask.

Mike’s been producing singles for a number of artists lately. Check them out on his page!

And Steve has been up to something very unique and exciting! Over at The Hive Collaborative, they’re producing a live, online, table-top game show called Enter the Hex in which Steve plays an integral role as Hex Master. It’s a project in which Steve’s improv skills, technical know-how, and love of fantasy and table-top RPGs have found their perfect union. We highly recommend catching up on the episodes online.