What Are We Up To?

Well it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Boy how the winds of change have blown.

Mike peaced out in 2016 to get a masters degree in the UK. While there, he and his wife had a baby. Back home, Steve and his wife also had a baby! Now the gang’s all back together again and there are little kids running around. Totes adorbz.

“But what are the Velvet Echo guys up to now?” you ask.

Mike’s been producing singles for a number of artists lately. Check them out on his page!

And Steve has been up to something very unique and exciting! Over at The Hive Collaborative, they’re producing a live, online, table-top game show called Enter the Hex in which Steve plays an integral role as Hex Master. It’s a project in which Steve’s improv skills, technical know-how, and love of fantasy and table-top RPGs have found their perfect union. We highly recommend catching up on the episodes online.



Commercials, amiright? Back in the day, at least in my family, we used to watch Jeopardy and Star Trek: The Next Generation and commercial breaks were the annoying interruptions in the programming that were best enjoyed by leaving the room to pop some more popcorn. As a composer, however, when a commercial pops up on TV or on YouTube and it features *your* music, then that is a cause for celebration. We recently posted about a couple VidAngel commercials that used either our music or voice-overs recorded at Velvet Echo. But, we wanted to share a couple more with you. Here's a commercial for M Disc that we scored:


And here's an ad for Amazon Now that uses a composition of ours:

Layla Mackey - Stand in the Light

Here's a new vid from up and coming YouTube star Layla Mackey performing Jordan Smith's "Stand in the Light." The vocal was recorded at Metcom Studios, but we arranged and recorded all the instruments and mixed it over here at Velvet Echo. Enjoy!

A Million Views

Exciting news! We recently provided the score for this parody of Game of Thrones for VidAngel:

And it's been viewed over a million times on Facebook!

VidAngel is a movie streaming service that allows you to filter out objectionable content legally in the privacy of your own home.

We had a blast parodying Ramin Djawadi's fantastic theme.

Also, we recently recorded the epic voice overs for this other commercial for VidAngel. Check it out. You can totally remove Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars:

Cinema Industry Award

Hey folks, we just got some exciting news!  One of our songs that we composed for Warner/Chappell Production Music just earned the CINDY Stock Library Production Music Use award for its inclusion in the television spot "Starts Here".  

Here's the spot: 

We're very happy to see our stuff getting used in spots like this and we're just gonna keep pumping out the tunes.  Here's to football, TV, and Indie crowd vocals!


Lovely Wedding Quartet

This week we had Something Borrowed in the studio to record and film a promo video for their services as a wedding quartet.  If you like harp and strings and romantic indie songs, you've got good taste. 

I'm So Manly

Hilarious parody of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy," by BYU's Divine Comedy.  We recorded and mixed it here at VE, and had a great time channeling the Iggy Iggz.  Check it out for a good laugh: 

Velvet Echo and the NFL

Some pretty exciting news over here!  The folks over at Nonstop were kind enough to let us know about a pretty cool placement one of our tracks got.  Our song "This Night is Ours" from Nonstop's Radio Indie release was used in a promo for Thursday Night Football.  Here is the link to the promo:  


Normally we don't know which of our library tracks are getting used out there until royalty day each quarter, so this was a welcome heads-up.  Needless to say, we'll just keep on pumping out the tunes.

Pardon Our Dust...

You may have noticed our website was conspicuously absent for a little while, but as you can tell, we have a brand new page for you to enjoy. We are working on getting plenty of audio examples and photos up, so you can get a feel for our work and our space.